Your Guide to Buying the Best IPL Laser Equipment  





Many salon owners, as well as medical spas, often seek out new ways to provide clients and patients with result oriented treatments to combat unwanted hair and ageing process. These new treatments attract new clients, keep clients coming back for more and provide a refreshed and steady stream of income for the business.

Intense pulsed light therapy is the answer, it is a low-cost entry as well as a smart addition to your spa menu. Treatments with IPL laser machines are the most requested cosmetic procedures and many clinics and spas have included them in their practice. IPL machines have transformed the beauty industry by providing the treatments to various conditions that previously were not possible. However, with advancement in technology more refined devices are being developed that are quite safe and effective even in darker skin types. With this, there is the availability of a wide variety of IPL equipment of different makes, specifications and price that have made it difficult for salon owners and aestheticians in choosing the right equipment. Since the purchase of machine involves large investment so careful consideration to specifications, training, warranty, availability of spare parts and reliability are important.

There are many factors to consider when looking at starting out in buying IPL machines. Here is our guide to help you through the process.

  • Budget

Shopping for IPL laser equipment can be fun and exciting, but remember not to let the thrill of the moment get in the way of common sense. Determining your budget is an important prerequisite as it will help narrow down the search and prevent you from wasting time and effort in researching equipment that is too expensive.

  • Warranty

This is an important consideration because if the machine breaks down, repair can cost you a considerable amount of money in parts and labour. Also look into id the distributor can provide a backup machine while yours is being repaired. The best IPL machines are the ones with a warranty of at least 12 months. Considering the sizeable investment you are making, a warranty is an absolute necessity.

  • Well ventilated unit

Always check the ventilation of each machine carefully before purchasing. This is essential because the laser IPL machines do generate a lot of heat, so proper ventilation is a must. The high-quality machines incorporate intercooler ventilation with front, back and side fans that help keep the machine cool and operational.

  • Price compared to features

The features you are receiving in the machine you have chosen, are they really necessary and beneficial? Some companies claim they have a revolutionary new product or feature on their machine and charge a huge price for that feature. You need to ask yourself is this feature really necessary, will it bring more clients or give better treatment results?

  • Distributor information

Do a quick research on the companies in your country or state and see how long they have been in the business. Try to get a rundown on the distributor’s involvement in the industry, there are a lot, that simply sell machines with no real development or research into the products. Make sure the distributor has a trained technician employed in case of a breakdown.  Some distributors may outsource their repairs or have to send it back to the manufacturer which means long periods without a machine.

  • Training 

When considering buying a laser IPL machine, check whether the provider of the machine gives training or not. Some laser machines need optics to be cleaned periodically, distilled water to be topped up and filters to be cleaned or replaced. These all have to be understood and learnt by the operating staff. The distributor should make sure you are fully confident in using the machine and make sure you are following the right protocol to ensure safe use. After training, insist on issuing a certificate of training.

  • Certificate

All the machines sold should meet the safety standards set by the government in your country or state. Do not purchase any machine that is not CE certified, other beneficial certificates include FDA/TGA approval. All the machines should be tagged and tested by the authorities before they can be used.

These are few important considerations, but before taking the plunge, access your practice profile and the demographics of your clients and then decide what laser IPL equipment is best suited for your practice. Always insist for a demonstration of the machine. Check the after sales record and cost of maintenance, choose the right technology and the right company, only then purchase the machine. Also, ensure that a detailed laser purchase contract is made and signed by the two parties as this will allow a healthy and hassle-free relationship between you and the distributor in the future.


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