• Did you know? #7

    Did you know when recognizing a persons face you use the right side of your brain?

  • If you have painful gas

    If you have painful gas, lay on your back and lift your left knee to your chest. You’ll fart it right out.

  • 8 Best Benefits Of Barley

    Lowers Cholesterol Levels Aids in Weight Loss Protection against Cancer Checks Diabetes Beneficial in Anemia Prevents Gallstones Improves Immunity Prevents Atherosclerosis

  • Not enough sleep? It may lead you to illness

    Turn the TV/computer off and go to bed! Getting 5 hours of sleep doubles your chances of heart attack, according to a British study that...

  • Brown Sugar for Healthy, Radiant Skin

    Brown sugar, are known for its many health benefits. But did you know it also makes for radiant skin? Here are reasons why: It can...